As we all know in Harnoor's sir course there are more 1200+ students enrolled for this batch only [Many more to come]. And in this Hackathon also there are 310+ participants registered. So like this every organisation organize the events, hackathons and etc. What I observed is that, Organisation roll out certificates to their participants let it be participation certificate or merit one. When organisation is huge and number of participants are in bulk. So here organisations may face so difficulties while rolling out the certificates to every participants to their respective mail id's.

What it does

Certificate Auto-Mailer And Maker { CAM^2 }

This project contains a simple script that helps automate the generation of 1000's or colossal amounts of certificates and mail them to the respective owners of those certificates in just one click.

  1. The code reads the data from a sample excel file (student.xlsx) and converts it into a JSON File.
  2. Then it writes the participant's name and general event information on the certificate template pdf file.
  3. I have made a sample certificate template manually using word on mac.
  4. The code generates a CertificateFolder with certificates of all participants in pdf format.
  5. Then it will mail all those certificates to all participants on their respective mail id's. Hence this simple script could save the time of event organizers.

How we built it:

I have Built this project with use of javascript , nodeJS, automation, Google Api, and many libraries like pdf-lib, minimist, xlxs, Nodemailer.

Challenges we ran into:

Challenges we ran into are:

  • How to automate this whole process.
  • What are the required tech stack needed.
  • And how to implement the tech stack.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

Accomplishments that we're proud of are: I was able to finish and think a innovative way of solving a real life problem.

What we learned:

Learnt About:

  1. Javascript
  2. NodeJS
  3. GoogleAPI
  4. Automation
  5. pdf-lib
  6. minimist
  7. xlsx
  8. Nodemailer
  9. Researching About the Project
  10. Reading the Documentation
  11. Github

What's next for CertificateAutoMailerAndMaker { CAM^2 }

->A proper Web App for this is in the process. ->Cross verification of data to registered paid user data ->Global count variable to maintain (in a file) excel list count till which certificate emails are done so that script runs for only new entries. ->Coding practices improvements ->UX oriented html email template for email body

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