When this pandemic hit us, everything shifted online, and so did Community events and meetups. While organizers struggled to ensure that the events were engaging enough, another struggle was managing certificates. Publishing, managing, and distributing certificates after online events weren't as easy as they used to be. There are a few platforms available however they weren't completely free and had some other limitations as well. So to solve this problem, we decided to build a platform ourselves.

What it does

The organizers of a community have to first register themselves on our web portal. Once they are approved, they would have to create a CSV file in a specified format which will include information such as event name, date, speaker, and attendee list then upload it to our portal and verify. If everything is correct and all the checks are passed, the community organizers will be able to publish it. Once published, all the attendees will receive an E-mail with their Unique Certificate ID which they can verify at link.

How we built it

The Frontend is made in REACT.JS and has been deployed on Firebase and talking about the backend it is developed in NodeJS using Express JS and has been deployed on Heroku with database in MongoDB. The verification portal is completely responsive.

Challenges we ran into

The project was really challenging as we didn't have enough experience developing this large project which requires a lot of frontend and backend, but it's all about learning and creating which we did at the end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfully built this portal within a short span of time and distributed 4 online event certificates to over 150+ participants. We helped our community to bridge the gap between tech and people in such a difficult time. We were praised for making such an amazing and excellent verification portal by many people, ranging from our college to industry.

What we learned

We have learned soo many things during this build that we didn't learn in 2 years of college be it frontend, backend, or even the database and most importantly teamwork.

What's next for Certificate Verification Portal

We plan to make this project open-source in the near future so that other communities can contribute and/or customize this project template and use it on their own. We also plan to make this portal a bit more flexible at a larger scale so that multiple communities can have a customizable portal for their community.

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