Certificate authentication here in Bangladesh is a hugely messy and lengthy process as the certificate authentication process sometimes takes more than 2-3 months in a lot of educational institutes. Add to that widespread forgery caused by places that not only forge certificates but also their seals that makes it hard to discern an authentic certificate from a fraud one

What it does

We at cert.fy aim to implement a new certificate system that is built on the Ethereum ecosystem, Providing a decentralized way to verify and store certificates. With the help of our platform you can issue your own certificates and share them with others. Verifiers provide authenticity to our certificates making them more secure and trusted

How we built it

The project was built using TypeScript , Next.js , Solidity , Ethereum and deployed on vercel

Challenges we ran into

The challenge we mainly ran into was the EVM has a size limit for the contract. our initial contract hit this limit and we had to change our whole smart contract again, Writing and fitting the smart contract within this confines presented a challenge in it self

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have achieved a system that uses a special kind of token that is a soul bound token. After it is issued this token can not be transferred. This is a pivotal part of our system that helps our system function

What we learned

From this project we have learned to create a non transferrable NFT that can change the document authentication industry

What's next for Cert.fy

We plan on making cert.fy a standard that can be used all across the blockchain. We plan on exposing API endpoints so that other platforms can also use this in the future.

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