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What are the technologies that you have used? 

Docker, Java, JavaFX, Firebase, React, Bootstrap, Raspberry Pi (for testing docker swarms)

What are the most difficult things that you have faced? 

With the hackathon being completely online and our teammates working from different parts of the globe, working was definitely mentally and physically stressful. We did make strenuous efforts to ensure maximum efficiency despite the time zone differences.

What are the accomplishments that you are proud of? 

  • Creating APIs which allow Java to interact with Docker Swarms
  • Being able to accomplish what we had initially planned to do.
  • Submission of a viable representation of our idea as a Java App as well as a Web App
  • Some degree of hard base coding including integration with Windows Processes in the Java App
  • Integration of Search Functionality in the WebApp for user ease.
  • Advancing UI styling skills

What have you learned? 

  • Learned quite a lot about docker and clustering.
  • There were also some learnings in the front end code aspects. We worked through the Web * App as we learned more about React, Bootstrap, and Styling.
  • Learned Typescript syntax

What are the next steps for your project? *

The community is really the best place for this kind of software to be. It will be open-sourced under the GPLv3 license and available for everyone and anyone to use, benefiting Cern with the Machine Power allowing Remote Computing Control.

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