Ceres was inspired by combining 5+ NCR problem statements to create a disruptive and innovative solution within food delivery services. Some of these include the problems noted above as well as how Ceres' waste minimization aids small businesses especially to mitigate monetary losses in the difficult time of COVID-19. The name Ceres comes from the name of the Roman goddess of agriculture and grain crops.

What it does

Our platform enables businesses, underserved individuals, and consumers to alleviate waste together. Businesses from grocery stores to restaurants to gas stations and more all have food stocked with impending expiration dates. Ceres enables this broad range of business stakeholders to sell food that's risking near expiration at lower prices to entice consumer purchases. As a delivery order application, underserved individuals have the opportunity to be the middle man to deliver orders to consumers receiving Ceres funds in return to bring food to the table. As a result, Ceres alleviates the environmental, economic, and societal impact that food waste has.

How We Built It

Through React Native and utilizing NCR's technologies, we divided the project into components for each team member to conquer.

Challenges We Ran Into

From the start, we were all naive in React Native. Our first hurdle was to learn and then implement the framework. After adjusting to React, we began our individual tasks, each with their own challenges. On the backend, we encountered difficulty setting up our authentication system with MongoDB. On the front end, we had a brief trial in having the pages update accordingly with user input and to be able to navigate between them. With perseverance and team work, we were able to overcome these issues and many more.


We are proud of investigating and applying React Native to our project. Learning a new technology is always a favorable outcome from a Hackathon especially when working remotely as a team. Additionally, we are pleased with being able to introduce a new concept to help multiple communities and our environment in a joint effort.

What We Learned

We learned new technologies for full stack mobile/web development, team work, communication in a virtual environment, and persistence.

What's Next for Ceres?

For Ceres to create an impact, we believe that iterating over its UI for a seamless experience is necessary. The core concept and functionality exists. We also believe expanding to other sectors related to food waste is possible. For example, creating a system where expired food can be contacted to nearby and available composting businesses. Ceres is a modern solution with an abundant amount of future beneficial developments and add-ons.

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