Did you know that essential baby food was actually discovered during NASA Mars Missions research? Or that today's computer mouse which is used for everything from paying bills to browsing Facebook, was originally invented to operate NASA’s flight control systems?

In fact, space technology has affected us in every walk of life, yet not many people are aware of it. Enabling people to access to this knowledge is the first step to increase innovation in space exploration, thereby leveraging innovations in other sectors.

What it does

The application lets you explore the applications of space technology in daily lives through interactive VR environment. It is a user-friendly game that requires participants to identify consumer products in the room that were inspired by NASA technology. Once participants choose the correct object, more detailed information about the product will pop up on the screen.

How I built it

Using open-source 3D objects along with the Blender software, we built an Android Game in Unity 3D.

Challenges I ran into

  • Narrowing down the object and identifying specific needs of the market.
  • Point and move feature needed a better vr headset than the one we have.

The Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Excellent team collaboration;
  • First hackathon for some team members;
  • Using 3D software ‘Blender’ for the first time.
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