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With an increase in the population of the world, more and more people need food. However, the number of farmers in the modern day are dwindling due to the difficulty of entering the industry, as well as the amount of money needed to start up. Ceres helps streamline the process for prospective farmers who are looking to start their own farms. Ceres introduces new farmers to the agriculture industry as well as connect all farmers together to promote the sharing of knowledge and new technologies.

What it does

Ceres's dashboard is where new farmers will spend most of their time. The dashboard contains a tailored checklist of things to accomplish that are determined by profile settings. The dashboard also offers a knowledgeable chatbot instead of the usual FAQ which makes learning more about farming interactive. Ceres contains its own market place for farmers so that crops, excess tools as well as land can be sold without interaction with big corporations. Lastly, Ceres features its own forum to foster a community within the agricultural industry and to promote the spread of discussion. The forum helps users find mentors to share tools, learn from, as well to keep on top of important news such as spread of farm diseases.

How we built it

The website is hosted on Google's Firebase. The entire site is run by a Node.js backend, Forums powered phpBB on an Azure sql database, built an NLP Chatbot using Microsoft Cognitive Services LUIS

Challenges we ran into

Most of us come from software development while this project required us to learn about web-dev. We struggled to Learn about async promises and how data was transferred between the front end and back end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Proud of building a one-stop shop for all farmers and all of their needs.

What we learned

NLP, Microsoft Azure's services, phpBB, Full-stack web development

What's next for Ceres

Update UI, Set up database for production, introduce tighter market and authentication security.

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