Search engine optimisation is a black box. No one knows how it works, its all up to maths to decide.

What it does

The aim of this plugin is to alleviate the need for a user to keep coming up with ways to tag their content.

Now all they need to do is write. The plugin will scrape the URLS they reference and the images they post. It then sends them off to Clarifai and Majestic to analyse them and give back what's in the image and the categories that the linked sites belong to respectively.

How I built it

It's all built in PHP and uses the standard wordpress APIs as supplied by the wordpress codex

Challenges I ran into

This is my first time writing a PHP plugin for wordpress so I had to bring myself up to speed with PHP

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works beautifully well and uses all the standard wordpress APIs, no horrible hacking required

What's next for Ceremonious SEO

I will be publishing this to the wordpress plugins index once I tidy up some loose ends and make it production ready

Built With

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