A lot of our school classes are now following Flipped classroom model. In Flipped classroom model, short video lectures are viewed by students at home before the class session, while in-class time is devoted to exercises, projects, or discussions. But, generally we hear from a lot of our colleagues that because of the material being non-interactive and non-adaptive (to their needs), they were not able to focus properly and hence didn't learn properly.

What it does

Our application makes Flipped class model more interactive and adaptive to the student's needs by simulating a live class environment. For example: If a student is having difficulty understanding a topic, he/she student gets the doubts cleared by the professor then and there before professor starts with next topic. Or, if the student is distracted or not motivated, the professor asks a quick question to regain student's attention in class. The application will be used by students to watch the material provided by professors. By sensing student's brain activity, the application will understand whether the student is finding a topic complex (and thus stressful) and display option to get clarification. Powered by Wolfram Alpha's API, the application would be able to answer questions typed in simple English. The application will also identify if the student is distracted or not motivated, and will pop-up some question to regain their attention.

How We built it

We are using Muse headset for sensing student's brain activity and based on calculations identified student's mood with respect to studying. We have also integrated Wolfram Alpha API which enables students to ask their queries in plain-English. The course content is displayed using AngularJS and NodeJS.

Challenges We ran into

The most difficult part of the project was understanding what EEG is and how we can extract the User's stress and stress levels.

What I learned

Most important thing I learned was how OSC signals are sent from Bluetooth module to the browser over sockets.

Future Scope

While over the weekend we developed a proof-of-concept while targeting a very narrow scope, we believe that the concept itself has a lot of scope in various sectors. For example, the entire system can be applied to job interviews especially for Job that require a sharp and healthy brain.

Built With

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