Current recruiting sites are full of problems that we aim to solve with our collaborative and intuitive web service.

What it does

Cerebricks allows users to collaborate on real world tech projects from real companies in teams created by the users. Through our platform, students begin at a starting salary of $15.00/hr with the opportunity to increase their potential earnings through education and completion of projects. In addition, hourly wages can drop due to poor performance or failure to complete projects. When applying to jobs, students can form teams through the application page and tackle projects in a collaborative manner. Educational resources are also provided on the site to help our users tackle any potential problems. All payments are through our service and allow for potential transfers of crypto currencies. Our three pillars, are Educate, Connect, and Advance.

How I built it

We used react framework and Material UI for components. Designed frontend, logo, marketing website, and used libraries and APIs for natural language processing.

Challenges I ran into

Creating an environment conducive to the growth of beginner programmers while also catering to experienced programmers proved to be a challenge, as striking a balance between the two led us to reconsider who our target demographic was.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating a full functioning frontend with data to manipulate.

What I learned

Through the curation of educational resources targeted at beginner programmers, we learned of many different platforms that can be used to introduce people to programming, a skill that could certainly be used in introducing non-programmers to CS. We also learned effective methods of collaboration in a team environment, as effective delegation of tasks was key in the development of our product.

What's next for Cerebricks

We plan on expanding our back-end infrastructure to provide true functionality for our product. Additionally, we aim to polish our frontend for a truly smooth and intuitive user experience.

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