I was looking for project ideas and fun datasets and got this (fun dataset)[] yet simple enough for me to understand. I knew I wanted to work in python so It was a perfect match

What it does

I would like to make it more complex for now just shows the 80 cereals in different plots based on some nutritional values and the colors that are shown are depending on the brand of the cereal.

How we built it

I built it with python and some data visualization libraries.

Challenges we ran into

Right now I am not sure how to build a legend so that's a challenge I have for now

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Understanding some of the matplot librarie since I am interested in data science and would love to get more into this type of libraries

What we learned

How to build graphs and show it in the web a simple with the mpld3

What's next for Cereals by calories,protein,fat,carbo (Data Visualization)

Adding the legend for the values I think that's an important information that's missing

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