Paying back student loans can be a complicated process: multiple servicers, multiple bills, multiple payment dates, and multiple payment plans. Staying on track of every detail is quite the feat for even the most attentive student loan borrowers.

Centz makes student loans easy and simple to manage. Centz is a mobile application that helps users make sense of their student loans and earn cents while doing it.

With Centz, you can: • Link your student loans to view all of your student loan information in one place • Create a payoff plan that works for your goals and budget • Estimate how much you can reduce your repayment period and total interest paid by paying extra each month • Learn about managing your student loans and finances via Centz’s resources tab, which provides access to high-quality articles • Test your knowledge of student loan and personal finance management via quizzes • Earn Centz (which can be redeemed for cash) for tracking, planning and completing quizzes about managing student loans

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