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Cars, helicopters, airplanes, tanks, toy cars, etc.


Have you ever been in a big parking lot and you can't seem to find a spot? With CentralParq, you will always have the best spot available. No more wasting gas and time! CentralParq can be used anywhere and highly customizable depending on their needs. Few applicable places include but not limited to schools, hospitals, malls, military bases, and airports. Existing solutions such as having sensors on the ground or using satellite images have limits. Sensors are expensive to manage and satellite images can only be applied to spaces outside. CentralParq can not only be applied to underground parking lots, but also uses existing camerass, which reduces the cost significantly less. One sensor installation cost about $200 - $400.

What it does

Using computer vision(camera), it detects the parking spot and notify the users if it's available for them. It helps the parking lot staff to check availability of lots. With gathered data, the business owners can view their peak times and modify their strategy to improve their businesses accordingly.

How we built it

Python + Computer Vision + manual labor

Challenges we ran into

This hack was very technically-challenging. We created the data set and labeled them manually, which took large chunk of our time. We tried to simulate the parking lot as much as we could. We had camera at an angle, few cars parked poorly, and tested different situations like the full lot, empty lot, and in between the two.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Currently CentralParq detects empty spot with 92% accuracy. It is highly adaptable to different spaces and situations.

What we learned

Python + Computer Vision + how not to be an as*hole at parking.

What's next for CentralParq

Accommodating parallel parking spaces in cities, reducing traffic. Accommodating spots for people with disabilities. Marking your parking spot, so you don't ever lose your car, especially after long-term parking. Notifying the user when they park like an as*hole and educate on how to park better. (Leads to educational pages, such as "How to park in a parking lot - WikiHow", "Perpendicular parking made simple - Youtube") Putting things on Central-Parq.com There are so much more we could do!

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