The development of the Central Control Hub is inspired by the growing usage of the internet in a heavily virtual world. With the current internet setup, we are forced to have multiple accounts on different websites and have data stored in different places to be able to access regular day-to-day operations. As a result, user data is not streamlined. Our team wanted to devise a method that allows us to simplify the user's internet experience by having multiple features on one platform.

What it does

The Central Control Hub allows users to access a multiplicity of features in one web application. Specifically, we have developed a financial market analyzer, news bulletin, personalized itinerary system, insurance quote analyzer, and weather distress safe locations webpages within our platform. Within the financial market analyzer, we take in a user inputted budget and stock industry and compare about 30 companies within each industry to output the 3 best companies that our algorithm using the stock market API. For the news bulletin, we have a regular top feed based on the news API and the user's country. Then, the user has the ability to choose their own personal feed to look at based on country, language, and category. The personalized itinerary involves a connection with the user's google calendar and utilizes the event times and locations to help determine the best times for when a user should go and have lunch, dinner, or arrive at the office based on real-time data from the distance matrix and user driver capabilities. The insurance webpage utilizes data from driving accidents, arrests, DUIs, etc of the user to develop a sentiment value for showcasing if the person may qualify for a better life insurance quote. In addition, the weather distress webpage utilizes the weather API in addition to the routes and distance matrix API to help determine where the safest areas are during a weather crisis and the best route for a person to the safest location is.

How we built it

Languages: Python Webpage: Django and HTML UI Financial Market: Polygon Stock Market API ​ News Bulletin: News API

_ Not Complete but how we would have built it_: Personalized Itinerary System: Google Distance Matrix API, Google Calendar API, Places API Insurance quote analyzer: Live User Data to create a standardization model and therefore algorithm for the relationship between behavior and insurance quote Weather distress safe locations: Weather API, Google Routes API, Google Distance Matrix API

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge we had was the fact that for most of us this is our first hackathon, and we have very little experience in regard to some of the programs we use. We definitely had a lot of challenges at the beginning, trying to get the hang of HTML, GitHub version control, and the implementation of APIs into the program. We especially struggle with GitHub because some of our members had a hard time trying to install Django and using GitHub, but we were able to figure it out by watching YouTube videos. We had some challenges using HTML because it was the first time one of our members was using it, but he was able to get the hang of it fairly quickly after a few hours

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of our Finance feature in our platform as it contains over 150 industries in the stock markets from 5 different categories and can accurately compare each company to see which would be a better option for users to buy stock from. We are also proud of our News and Itinerary features. Especially because the news feature is able to provide real-time news information on specific inputs from users and the itinerary feature is able to create a personalized calendar for the users as well as provide real-time travel towards different locations. Overall, we are just very proud of all the progress we have made over just one day and all the things we were able to learn considering that three of us have zero experience in hackathons, we were able to accomplish the main objective we wanted.

What we learned

We learn to use Django python for web development, how to use and implement APIs into our code and learn how to code in HTML to create the basic outline of our website. We also learned not to stay in the ZACH study rooms after 6 pm on Saturdays or else the study rooms will be locked-out with all of our stuff in.

What's next for Central Control Hub

We want to extend our platform to the development of mobile applications for ease of access. Moreover, we want to add another feature that uses Photos API to allow for uploading and scanning of documents. Finally, adding a google search feature and implementing our recommendation features to provide more feedback to users.

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