🏛 Inspiration

We'll cut straight to the chase: making for open source sucks ass.

Open source technology makes up the vast majority of the Internet; everything from our databases to operating systems and web frameworks to ML research have foundational roots in open source projects.

Despite being one of the most important jobs on the planet, open source maintainers are under staffed, under appreciated, and under paid. The vast majority of funding comes from large corporations who bind developers to exclusive contracts, taking away any agency that the 'free web' may have originally promised.

As a team of open sourcerers—with tens of thousands of collective contributions—we've felt this problem firsthand, and we believe that we can do much better.

🔎 What it does

Centive is a blockchain & web3 platform that allows anyone to take part in the open source process—as a maintainer, contributor, user, or spectator—in an incredibly accessible manner, using currency and social tokens for the basis of community-based contribution valuations.


  • Frontend: Built with React + Next.js + Prisma and a ridiculous amount of Three.js!
  • Backend: TypeScript + Postgres for data persistence. Built intelligent recommendation engine using the power of spacy and Github. Sodium + Stellar for our cryptocurrency and blockchain.
  • Infrastructure: Frontend deployed on Vercel and recommendation engine deployed on Google Cloud Run

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