Centipawn was envisioned with gaming for all in mind. We aim to bring in game experiences traditionally behind paywalls like DLCs, in-game currency, extra lives, subscriptions, and more via cryptocurrency. Furthermore, ads will become a thing of the past with our mining model. While you enjoy your game, our platform will mine cryptocurrency to compensate game developers.

What it does

Centipawn utilizes cutting edge cryptocurrency mining techniques to establish a new way to fund the development of future gaming enterprises. Video games are funded through 3 main gateways, none of which are particularly friendly to the end user. Whether it is a one time fee, subscription model, or loot boxes, all of these end up hurting the customer. Here at hacktx we decided to come up with a new approach. One that would still fund the developer while at the same time not hurting the pocket books of players. By utilizing cryptocurrencies meant to be used by off the shelf hardware, players can offset the cost of the games they play by the mining they do while the play that game.

How we built it

Centipawn was built using a blend of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Specifically, snake and the crypto miner are JavaScript based while the front-end is HTML.

Challenges we ran into

Working with jQuery event listeners and iFrames

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Establishing a novel way to generate payments for game developers while being unobtrusive to the end user.

What we learned

HackTx is my first Hackathon, so I learned about the project developing process, from brainstorming to implementation. I had never created a project with both a front and back end, so I learned about making both components communicate with each other.

What's next for Centipawn

We’d like to continue building out our platform to expand beyond in house games to third party games from big name studios too. For example, providing a plugin or API for games on Steam and Origin to allow mining in the background. This will augment our mining capabilities as we get users with more powerful rigs on board harnessing both CPUs and discrete GPUs.

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