A story involving three people and an iPad

What it does

Have you ever signed an agreement without reading it?

Centipad uses AI to read and interpret contract text to give you advance warnings and legal advice before you sign. Different AI models emphasize different priorities, including environmentalism, financial accountability, and personal protections.

How I built it

Code for Flask app written during Hackathon using Spacy and NLTK libraries for text processing, and connection to DocuSign API, Google Cloud, and Google Machine Learning Natural Language API.

Challenges I ran into

Integrating DocuSign, integrating Google Cloud, deploying trained machine learning models

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building an working hackathon app

What I learned

How to get a dropdown menu to work properly.

What's next for Centipad

Improving the underlying AI models to obtain better results, and developing additional AI models for more priorities. Find and obtain legal partners for the support network.

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