The success of this product lies in its team. We brought together people from various backgrounds and majors: Computer Science, Biotech, Business and Digital Media who brought a diverse skill set and made this project complete. We love building things and solving problems using the latest tech. And more importantly, we love to learn.

What it does

Centiment helps young and budding investors understand basics of stock market trading and then utilize our generated investment strategy to make an educated decision. We use a gamified online questionnaire in the format of the popular TV quiz show 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' to create an engaging experience for a user to tread through stock market and investment basics. Secondly, we created a machine learning algorithm on financial sentiment analytics pulled through digital published content on Twitter and online media. We aggregate the collective mood and then predict the nature of the stocks based on that sentiment data. All in all we help you make smarter investment choices by helping you learn about it and use our tool to start investing.

How We built it

We used a combination of the latest and greatest in software. Centiment's backend runs on 2 servers, one for hosting the millionaire educational game questions with nginx and mongodb, and the second on heroku for hosting the custom express API used for external api calls and machine learning analysis to be sent to the client. The client runs on React.js

Challenges We ran into

We found that connecting the 2 servers and client together to run smoothly and reliable took longer than expected but we are happy with the final result!

Accomplishments that We're proud of

Completely learning a new server software, nginx is great! Also, providing an educational tool that can benefit many new comers to financial investment.

What's next for Centiment:


  • Alert Notification to users on activity on companies they choose to follow
  • Customizable time frame on news articles
  • Mock Investment simulator
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