Advertising is broken - Pepsi, Facebook, the russian hacking - its all wrong.

Its an industry lacking in human emotion.

The answer is Centiment.

At the intersection of neuroscience and sentiment analysis for advertising, Centiment is focused on equality and ethics, we bring these to the world of advertising in the form of human emotion, intertwined with artificial intelligence.

We use these things to resolve a problem we are all facing:

The serving of irrelevant, and sometimes detrimental ads and content to the wrong audience.

We have all been victim to that online ad or pre-roll video that follows a user around the internet, just because you happened to visit a website once. For some this extends beyond just annoyance to being squeezed into online echo chambers, which limit economically, psychologically and emotionally.

Poor experiences like this have led to the unprecedented rise in ad blockers.

Add the limited contextualized targeting capabilities that brands can use for their video advertising campaigns, coupled with the lack of emotional insights available to ad content creators and marketers, it's not surprising that campaign managers are struggling to justify their video ad budgets.

we have created an AI-driven product to help brands and agencies to:

understand their audience better emotionally optimize written and visual content before release target the right audience at the right time.

How we help brands improve their video ad targeting capabilities

Neurodata + sentiment = neurosentiment personas

We have built this first in unity, having created neural data adjusted interruption of unity content based on emotiv EEG scans.

in the future when we get the resources we would like to deploy this within a real-time bidding environment, and apply further machine learning so that these emotional personas are refined over time.

Challenges we ran into

  • Limited number of training subjects in a short period of time
  • time
  • lack of access to real time feed from Emotiv
  • Unity
  • Database
  • getting signed in

Accomplishments that we're proud of

reading peoples minds and creating machine learning in one day that analyses

What we learned

how to grit

What's next for Centiment

dominate the world

required rule details

Micah Brown + Centiment + 929 377 0648 Carlos Villette Jason Azayev Benjamin Reichman Satyam Sharma Film + Advertising + EEG Data Driven VR Content Interruption to Advertise 6 + Table 9 + Table 9 Environment: Gear VR Numpy, Matpotlib, Emotiv, Neo4j (cipher) Unity, C#, HTML, Pyhton, Native (RESTful API) Emotiv SDK, Unity SDK,
Brain API (on the spot)
Assets - N/A Libraries - Matplotlib, Numpy All done here A link to a video (11:00 pm) All projects should be submitted to the hackathon GitHub account (TBA) before judging begins All projects submitted will be subject to a code-review

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