The behavior of sunbathing animals (especially cats!) inspired this project, as well as the efficiency of many-legged insects.

What it does

Centi-seed seeks out sunlight and provides the optimal growing temperatures to the plants growing on its back.

How we built it

The robotic components were developed at the Fall 2017 hardware hackathon. This software project was built using legos, a webcam, two servos, and a microcontroller.

Challenges we ran into

Our challenges mostly revolved around hardware problems; Raspberry Pi could not be integrated due to a corrupted SD card.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

OpenCV working, all team members learned about image processing, python to arduino communication successful, making it through 24 hours with limited sleep. Also, we didn't give up!

What we learned

Image processing basics, OpenCV, communication across languages and hardware platforms.

What's next for Centi-Seed

Integrating the robotic moving body with the vision-controlled navigation system.

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