In light of increasing recent natural disasters, we noticed people feel more comfortable donating actual food and clothes rather than money. We attributed this to a lack of transparency with where your money was going. Since donating sometimes requires the person to go out and purchase food and/or clothes, it becomes an inconvenience and discourages people to do so. Due to individuals preferences for donating resources rather than money, it sometimes causes a lack certain resources that may be essential.

What it does

Cent is an online platform where you can send money to the disaster relief fund of your choice and receive a breakdown of where each cent of your donation is going. We implemented a ledger for accountability and to reduce the chance of fraud.

How we built it

The backend was created using node while the front end was created using React. We used Mongo database to create a database of all disasters and transactions. The admin, being the one organizing the disaster relief, can input the percentages needed in each category and the donations will be allocated as such. We used the ledger system to keep a log of all donations and the total amount raised per disaster relief. In addition, we built a Python script in order to stress test and simulate the activity of various concurrent users on the website.


  • NodeJS(API)
  • React JS (UI)
  • MongoDB (NoSQL DB)
  • AMEX Payment API
  • Ledger System (Donation Logs)

Challenges we ran into

  • Displaying a map containing the disaster locations instead of location cards

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • The UX and how user-friendly and appealing the web application is
  • The ledger system used to create a log to keep track of all transactions.

What we learned

We gained more practical experience with implementing API's and UI along with team-driven project development. One specific API we learned to implement was the AMEX API for the payment aspect of our web application.

What's next for Cent

  • Implement blockchain
  • A cryptocurrency payment system
  • Interactive map containing the disaster locations
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