1.) Inspiration : To help displaced Venezuelans achieve necessary skills by programs like MIT ReACT

2.) What it does : Provides a summary of different countries where displaced Venezuelans like refugees, asylum seekers moved and tries to answer some of the questions on following lines :

  • Where are all the displaced and migrants from Venezuela?
  • What conditions are they facing? Access to work, education, or other social services?
  • Where are the graduates of Venezuelan universities abroad? From which universities? Where are they working?
  • Which universities in Venezuela have Computer Science programs?
  • Which institutions/organizations are promoting and developing tech talent in the country?

3.) How we built it : Researched recent articles, government websites, secondary sources to obtain statistics and examples of strategies adopted by governments in helping people settle.

4.) Challenges we ran into : Finding university and education information for displaced Venezuelans in given timelines was a major challenge. It was also difficult to provide a break up of all displaced Venezuelans into separate categories like refugees, asylum seekers, residents etc..

5.) Accomplishments that we're proud of : We were able to identify countries where displaced Venezuelans moved to in order of number of people that moved to those countries. We could also find strategies that some governments adopted to help in integration of the migrated Venezuelans.

6.) What we learned : We could develop a better understanding of current crisis situation at Venezuela.

7.) What's next for Census - Displaced Venezuelans : Continue the deep dive to find universities that displaced Venezuelans moved from in Venezuela and universities to which they moved. Also find what kind of occupations were they aligned to and what skills can help them integrate better.

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