On-time delivery: (Conformance sheet & Process Variant Explorer sheet)

Checking 1998 orders with 207 variants (process to make a pizza) with the original conformance process, there are 39 situations raising violations warning. However, among 39 situations, our team filters and decides to add 23 to the allowlist which still makes sense in process logic. Therefore, from 39 probable violations, we reduce to 16 violations, accounting for 1002 cases having a longer time delivery. The top 3 violations variants are:

  • Call customer as an undesired activity accounts for the highest volume of violations (22% = 430 cases):
  • The disorganized steps between ‘Baking pizza ready’ and ‘Start preparing pizza’ (12% = 249 cases)
  • Doing start preparing pizza twice (12% = 233 cases) In all three variants (can check the visualization in the :
  • 03/2018 is the time reaching the peak of the number of violations;
  • Feeders SE has the highest number of violations

Customer Satisfaction: (Process Variant Explorer sheet)

The main reason leading to the drop in satisfaction is violation cases, leading to long-time delivery and worse pizza quality. Analyzing data:

  • Orderings from phone and website having lower satisfaction than orders at the shop. It makes sense as online ordering requires delivery which has more probably of messing up and longer-time waiting for the customers
  • Adult is the customer types ratings the lower satisfactional point
  • Between 4-5 pm having the highest number of complaints and getting the lowest satisfaction; however, the number of orders is not high as well
  • The periods between 6-7 pm, 11 am-12 pm has the highest number of orders and the good satisfaction points

Profit & Revenue: Analyzing data ( Profit & Revenue sheet)

  • Among 1998 cases, there are 633 cases that have a negative profit; Chef 1, Chef 2, Ingredients, Delivery Scooter are the four factors that contribute to the high-profit returns
  • Federal SE, Deliver Now Holding, and BestOrder Inc have the most number of orders and also makes the most number of violations, so we need to pay attention to those three distributors to improve the service and customer satisfaction, from that having more profit & revenue


  1. We need to reconsider the service of Federal SE, Deliver Now Holding, and BestOrder Inc which have the top 3 highest number of violations but also create the most profit for the Pizzeria Mamma Mia
  2. We need more promotions or campaigns for the adults' type and take care of order/delivery service during the afternoon, especially 4-5 pm

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