My inspiration to take part in the Celonis Hackathon Challenge (1 & 2) came from by existing interest towards Data Analytics. Having taken Data Science as my specialization in my undergraduate, I am being given a fair exposure towards various Analytical tools like Tableau and Power BI. Out of curiosity I explored the Celonis Challenge and was astonished by the technological advancement Celonis has gained over the years in this domain. Fairly new to the concept of Execution Management System (EMS) and Process Mining, I took the Celonis Kickstarter Course to familiarize myself with the workspace and various concepts. Link to my badge is - Over time, completing both the 1st and the 2nd (Optional) Challenge, I really enjoyed and wish to keep myself updated about latest notifications regarding Celonis.

What it does

  1. Part 1 Challenge :- Using the 3_Pizzeria Carbon Emissions - large dataset, I worked my way through the different tabs and got myself handy with the given analysis. After this, I answered the given 7 questions by Celonis that I submitted as my initial draft in the form of an intricately created presentation.

  2. Part 2 Challenge :- Building further on strengthened knowledge about the Celonis workspace, I took up the challenge to create my own Workspace on the Celonis platform (part 2 of the challenge).

How I built it

  1. Part 1 Challenge :- The 1st part of the challenge answers the questions posed by Celonis in their dataset in the form of a presentation I have created with answers and screenshots (to provide credibility) of how I arrived at the answer.

Link to the presentation (Canva Link) -

  1. Part 2 Challenge :- I created my own workspace to minimize carbon emissions by Pizzeria Mamma Mia and maximize their profits. Taking the given dataset as a reference base, I used my creativity to include more elements to analyze the dataset such as Gauge analyzer, Fill analyzer, Activity explorers, Radial analyzer, Process analyzer, Process overview & explorer options, Social analyzer, Color schemes and presentable formats to help the Pizzeria Mamma Mia analyze their digital footprints better with an X-ray of their different processes in a neatly organized format, which puts them in the driver's seat.

Link to the Public Workspace -

Challenges I ran into

  1. Comfort - Understanding a completely new concept and a workspace, getting familiarized with it's features, making repeated mistakes and improving upon them were one of the major challenges.
  2. Bugs & Errors - Linking various analysis tools to the dataset across various tabs to make sensible output data was a challenging task with lots of errors in the beginning.
  3. Time Zone - Currently in Indian Standard Time (IST), it was definitely a challenge to adapt to a different time zone for the past week, be on low sleep and still to be able to manage giving my best towards the Celonis Challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. Learning a completely new interface from scratch within 2days, successfully completing 2 challenges and submitting it on time definitely gives me a great sense of accomplishment on a personal level.
  2. Despite being stuck at several steps, encountering errors and bugs, I was able to complete the given problem statement by using my existing skills of Data Analytics as well as my recently learnt skills of Process Mining and the Execution Management System (EMS).

What I learned

I am really happy to be able to delve deep into the world of Process Mining, to be able to look at Analysis of Data from a whole new dimension, learning about the intricate web of digital footprints that a task as simple as a pizza booking can leave behind and how to efficiently analyze and present it in the best possible format using the Execution Management System (EMS) of Celonis.

What's next for my project

Having increased my interest towards the world of Data Analytics and Process Mining, I would sincerely like to thank Celonis for presenting this problem statement in TO Hacks 2022. Given the time constraint, I could only analyze to a certain extent in the part 2 of the challenge where I created my own Workspace. After this hackathon, I will surely improve further on this Workspace and incorporate many more analytical tools for the same. I definitely will create many more workspaces in times to come, analyze even bulkier data and present it. I was really excited about this problem statement and about TO Hacks 2022 in general, and everything lived up to my expectations regarding the same. Happy Hacking to Everyone!

Built With

  • ai
  • analytics
  • bar-chart
  • celonis
  • ems
  • gauge
  • olap
  • pie-chart
  • presentation
  • radial
  • throughput
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