Celo Gold Pocket aims to help Celo users to on-ramp their friends to the world of blockchain and Celo by sending them gifts in the form of Celo gold coins. Hence, creating a network effect in which Celo holders are being active in bringing the next 1 billion people into the ecosystem.


In East Asian cultures red pocket is a monetary gift given in a red envelope during holidays or for special occasions. During the Chinese New Year holiday in 2014, the messaging app WeChat introduced the ability to distribute virtual red envelopes of money to contacts and groups via its WeChat Pay platform. Adoption of WeChat Pay saw a major increase following the launch, and two years later, over 32 billion virtual envelopes were sent over the Chinese New Year holiday in 2016. This event is known as one of the major reasons for the adoption of virtual payments in China. A research study shows that this popularization of virtual red packets comes from their contagious feature. Users who receive red packets feel obligated to follow suit to send another one.

What it does

Similarly to Wechat, Celo Gold Packet allows users to choose a group they would like to send a gift to and the amount they would like to send. To make the game interesting and contagious, the funds are being distributed and split to the friends according to how fast they clicked on the envelope and in an arbitrary way.

Why Celo?

Getting a free-monetary present from a friend is the easiest way to get into the blockchain space. On the other hand, Celo's abilities to send funds to people by solely knowing their phone numbers and to only pay frictional gas fees while doing so make it a perfect match. Celo Gold Packet on-ramp users easily in a fast and fun way in different groups on Whatsapp, Discord and Telegram and will be this upcoming holiday season Santa Claus.

How we built it

Mobile-web app which connects to Celo wallet.

What's next for Celo Gold Packet

CGP-connect - Allowing users to bring themselves and their friends to Defi and NFT through small monetary gifts.

Built With

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