We hope to be able to assist in the push to integrate renewable energy sources into the most common areas in the United States. So far we have focused on considering the program initially becoming active within the Richmond community. We hope to be able to help alleviate power generation costs, revitalize the community, and to store power in the cells for use in emergency situations. We hope for the cellular solar application to be able to open people up to the realities of acquiring and implementing these renewable energy sources into the communities.

What it does

We hope to acquire grants but to mostly be able to appeal to local and state governments to get them to help fund these efforts. We hope to use databases such as google project sunroof, PV watts, and typically meteorological year two (TMY2) to understand the specifics about how to achieve our goal of getting solar power to the communities.

How we built it

Arranging for purchase of solar arrays from China and installing them into areas where there are proper roof space to install them in order to save money on power generation.

Challenges we ran into

Initial investments, permits, labor to install and maintain a long term effort of this program.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Effective cost analysis, brainstorming efforts, perseverance in a great product from initial project struggles, a well designed mock application.

What we learned

We learned the complications of setting up various renewable energy sources. We learned that solar power is one of the most effective means of generating renewable energy. We became aware of different types of solar energy arrays, different costs of these arrays, and various existing programs that can help get programs like these started.

What's next for Cellular Solar

Getting increased participation from various entities towards helping contribute towards these efforts.

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