Shayan wanted to create an RC car with unlimited effective range.

What it does

Allows control of an RC car over the cellular network by using an iPhone app which virtually provides us unlimited range of connection. Uses CoreML to recognize objects in front of it. The device is also capable of tracking its location, speed, and battery voltage.

How we built it

Using firebase as a relay we are able to rapidly send input data to the car while simultaneously streaming video and geo data to the client phone.

Challenges we ran into

The RC car controller's circuit board worked in difficult to comprehend and explain ways. Three hackers with little to none electrical engineering experience created this helpful circuit diagram and managed to make it work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We reverse engineered a circuit board that was seemingly designed to be impossible to reverse engineer without decapping it.

What we learned

When working with proprietary hardware that you don't have the schematics to don't be afraid to whip out a voltmeter.

What's next for Cellular Rover

Aaron wants to duct tape a butter knife to it and call it a combat drone.

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