Extensive testing and proximity tracing helps us to decide where we should be on a line between full lockdown (economic crisis) and no restrictions (public health crisis). Without fundamental changes in social and consumer behavior, all spots on this line are bad.

Behavior-directing digital solution requires a bottom-up approach and a clear and immediate benefit to businesses and individuals.


Every individual belongs to a network linked together by recent physical interactions. Managing the size of these networks is essential in controlling the outbreak. (Eng. foam) is an app that accelerates the easing of restrictions and economic regrowth by allowing users to self-govern physical proximity in their social networks.

Each distinct network - the Cell - has a unique code. This code that can be used by service providers from restaurants, movie theaters and churches to railway companies to allocate space and time in a way that minimizes physical interaction and proximity between different Cells.

Our bottom-up approach to reach critical mass is:

Local: Nationally prominent and ubiquitous service providers like VR (Finnish railway company) and Finnair (Finnish airline) integrate the solution and push it to their customer bases.

Regional: Early adopter cities and municipalities accelerate local economic regrowth by promoting the solution to local businesses.

National: Regional validation and ease of deployment spreads the system nationally and draws governmental and legislative support.

Global: National success spreads the system to other countries where the cycle starts from the beginning (e.g. DB and Lufthansa).

So far we have initiated discussions with multiple Finnish spearhead partners like VR. Our prospects have over 62 million combined annual customer & visitor engagements in Finland alone (country of 5 million people).

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