Dr. Raymond Venter has the scientist mind, he is an inventor and manufacturer of the CellQuicken device and the sole director of the CellQuicken company. Raymond created the CellQuicken frequency device and immediately healed his father from cancer. And so, the story began.

Many sufferers of all types of dreaded and other diseases bare witness via their testimonials on this website. Raymond has not let-up on his research, creativity and imagination.

Since Einstein gave the world E=MC₂ Raymond has taken this vital information via the latest technology to extraordinary heights coming out with the latest version of his invention called CellQuicken RoyalVibe only a few months ago, and was sold out in one day.

Raymond is a humble man, who wants to help individuals create a self-worth legacy as he has done for himself. He believes that unveiling your self-worth legacy is key to health and wealth.

What it does

CellQuicken’s Focused Ultrasound product solutions are based on identifying the cell resonance frequency to stimulate or destroy the bio=energy within the cell and organism. In this manner, it prevents and treats the Corona Virus as it targets the root cause of a condition that initially makes certain individuals more susceptible to COVID-19.

Such high-risk individuals include those battling with diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, weakened lungs and kidneys, and people with strained immune systems due to cancer, HIV, Tuberculosis, etc.

An influx of research and studies have been carried out on Focused Ultrasound as an ideal solution to an array of health conditions. Case in point, my attached thesis.

“Focused ultrasound is a newly emerging technology that utilizes acoustic energy to anatomical targets in an attempt to minimize the pathologies that are going on undercover”. “Although conventional allopathic medicine is playing its part in the treatment of several diseases, it has a limited role in the efficient treatment of several diseases such as cancer.”

My thesis focuses on collecting and analyzing the research that has been done so far on the subject matter and to present a review on this intervention. “As this is a new set of technology, the data on the subject is scarce due to its ethical considerations for human trials” he continues. “Therefore, this thesis collects the majority of the ideas on the subject to present them collectively and to asses where we are standing at this moment.”

The continued advancement of ultrasound technology should be closely monitored and considered a viable alternative to conventional treatment, which often presents with severe side-effects and invasive treatments. It’s no longer considered just a nice to have, but rather, a must-have as we continue to lean on the proven benefits of ultrasound.

How do we do it?

Analyze and Treat

  1. Quality of Health Analyzer

Analyses more than 200 health screening information points instantly, to get an in-depth look at how each organ is functioning in your body and to quickly identify what and where the health risks and condition risks are.

Screening should be carried out every 14 days so you can compare your health status and measure your progress, and in turn, adjust your treatment programs. With this knowledge, you create a program completely tailored to your own unique health problems. No more taking the same pill like everyone else! No more one size fits all.

  1. The RoyalVibe.Focused Ultra Sound Device

It is a natural sound frequency device that aids the body in restoration at a cellular level. The device uses ultrasound at low output, high frequency, enhancing the energy levels on a cellular level. This therapy takes place while you sleep or working at a desk or at rest. No medication and no side-effects. Focused Ultrasound is the evolution of modern technology to treat conditions without conventional treatment side effects. We have, however, only evolved if we treat the origin of the condition instead of merely masking the symptoms.

How we built it

Based on some of the studies and findings of Dr Raymond Rife It is a platform technology that through thermal or mechanical means can produce multiple biological effects that act therapeutically on the target. Effects depend on the nature of the tissue (e.g. muscle vs. bone) and the ultrasound parameters (power, duration, and mode—continuous versus pulsed). Our Product size Weight 1.8 kg Dimensions 35 × 31 × 18 cm

Challenges we ran into

Financing Time Roll out Trial and Error Opening peoples minds to healthy healing

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Complete Product Happy Clients Lives Saved Company Growth

What we learned

People are creatures of nature New is not always easy Patience Perseverance To celebrate the small stuff Testimonials are key

What's next for CellQuicken

Upgrades New Website New App More healing Enviro Vibe Brain Vibe

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