Immortality and the cure to cancer have long been the goal for a multitude of scientists. Throughout history many have died in the process of seeking immortality and cancer affects millions of individuals around the world. Though we haven't found the cure to cancer nor the key to immortality, there is hope. On the ends of our chromosomes, structures made of tightly-packed DNA, exists junk DNA called telomeres. Telomeres protect the chromosomes from damage and from fusing together. However, every time a cell divides some of the telomere is lost because DNA helicase, another structure that helps in unzipping DNA before replication, does not unzip completely. The process of losing telomeres is very slow and determines the life span of a living thing. There is a counteracting enzyme called telomerase that constructs more telomere and essentially increases the cell's life span. The more telomere existent, the longer the lifespan of the cell. The app works of of this principle and simulates a cell. The user provides initial conditions and the app tells the lifespan. In addition, there are elaborate data viewing features for further analysis and interpretation.

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