Hello🙏🏻, We are here with CELIS


We have all come across the problem of finding just the right course on the right website at the right time.CELIS is here to help! Centralised-E-Learning Information System or CELIS is your one-stop location for all your educational needs. It provides an integrated environment in which People can access courses from any website at a single location.

What it does

  • Domain-Specific Discussion Forums
  • Cross-Platform Course View
  • Effective Course Recommendation
  • Unique Course Creation Opportunity for Instructors

How we built it

CELIS was created using the following open source projects:

  • [Material Design Bootstrap] - Front-End Framework
  • [Bootstrap 4] - Front-End Framework
  • [Flask] - Python framework for back-end
  • [Flask-Socketio] - Flask add on for support
  • [Flask-Mail] - Flask addon for mailing services
  • [Flask-SQLAlchemy] - Flask package for manipulating databases
  • [Flask Migrate] - Flask package for databse version control
  • [FlaskWTF Forms] - Flask form handler
  • [Flask Login] - Handles Login/Logout
  • [SQLite Engine] - Database used

What's next for CELIS

In the future, we can implement and add several courses from various platforms as well. Additionally, we can improve the accuracy of our unique recommendation system.


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