Celiac-Friendly Finder came from a need for Celiac patients to have a quick way to access a variety of tools to help them make safe food decisions at restaurants and at the grocery store. We noticed that there were several different tools available, but not one centralized tool that could be accessed quickly when making a food decision.

What it does

Our app provides three different tools to people with Celiac's Disease: a way to look for restaurants that have celiac-friendly options, a way to

How we built it

We created this web app in HTML with Javascript interactable features. We used GitHub to write the code up and share it with each other.

Challenges we ran into

Our team has little programming experience, and we created our team a little bit late, so we were not able to create a fully-functional website. We are also all in different time zones, so when it was nighttime for some people it was a little bit harder to communicate with all team members.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We really like our idea, and want to pursue it after the Hackathon is over! We also worked really well as a team to conquer our obstacles.

What we learned

We learned how to use GitHub and how to code a website with HTML.

What's next for Celiac-Friendly Finder

We want to pursue this project after the Hackathon to make this finished product a useful tool for people with Celiac's Disease. One key feature we want to add is a way to take pictures of food labels and scan them in with an OCR which will point out any ingredients that contain gluten on the food labels.

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