Celebrity AR FaceMash

"App of Experience" track

Life can get a bit dull. Our experience is tailored to make it a bit more interesting. All you will need to do is put on an Oculus Gear VR, have some camera passthrough input, and then make a selection of whichever celebrity you want to see. After that, every person you see will have the face of the celebrity of you choice.

Optional: Dating in Virtual Reality

We also intend to implement a virtual reality component vsersion, using either ThreeJS or Unity--depending on which route we take, and which one is more forgiving. The user will be able to select a celebrity of their choice, and then go on an interesting date in Oculus headset (Gear VR or Oculus DK2, we haven't decided).


We plan to use some facial-recognition libraries (e.g. OpenCV) in real-time. We haven't decide what engine we will be developing with, but we will go with one that deals the best with media inputs. If time permits, adding a web image scraping component to allow the replacing face with any face online or allowing the user to upload any image with a face in it would make the app more customizable. Dealing with the image-processing in OpenCV as well as using the Google Image API would be very cool to learn.

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