Birthday celebrations, when executed well, are an opportunity to express love, to mark the life, share gifts, memories, blessings, and best wishes. However, with the pandemic, the virtual birthday celebrations have become relatively robotic and uninteresting. We felt a strong need for a birthday-themed meta-space that does not feel like just another online meeting, and can actually be impactful.

What it does

Celebirthday, provides a themed virtual space where you along with your friends can hang out, relive memories, share blessings, and do other fun activities to make the day memorable.

How we built it

After doing some market research and a quick summarization of personal experiences, we came up with a set of features to develop. Thanks to the documentation and good online support of the Dolby Communications API, we were able to also do a good POC (proof of concept) of the features under consideration. We then further subdivided the features into tasks, did multiple designing and jamming sessions to set up a kanban board. Then we divided the tasks according to our expertise and swiftly started developing the application.

Challenges we ran into

One of the most important things that we had in mind was to design the user interface in such a way that it does not feel like a meeting anymore. We wanted the users to be as much involved and free, as they would be in a pre-covid birthday celebration. This was obviously a big challenge and we had to do a healthy amount of brainstorming around it.

What we learned

We were amazed by the efficacy and ease of use of the Dolby communication API ( which was relatively unheard of before). The different communication modes and innovation, really intrigued us to dig more into Dolby's platform and learn more about it. Secondly, we also learned about the importance and use of having pre-built SDKs.

What's next for Celebirthday

Celebirthday is still only a high fidelity MVP (minimum viable product), which has the potential to improve by adding in a ton of features. We plan to achieve the following things in the future.

  • Improve Overall User Interface of the Application
  • Integrate Dolby's different audio/video filters and permissions in the conference.
  • Improve the overall security of the Application.
  • Allow social login and calendar integrations

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