The main inspiration came from the desire to help the citizens of our country, giving them clear data, charts and graphs of every single region, in order to inform them about the emergency situation and to inspire them with the idea that: we can defeat the virus!

What it does

Made for people against fake news. A monitored and clear vision about the Covid-19, day by day. This project consists of an online platform that provides the collections of data, information and news regarding the virus situation in Italy.

How we built it

First of all we realized a software subdivided into two main processes:

  • Collecting data from different sources.
  • Converting the collected data into one format.

Then we used and Elementor for building up the site. The plugin called RVM Map has been very useful to create an interactive Italian map. We used Google Analytics for the data dashboard.

For the creation of the Logo we used Adobe Illustrator. Instead of the team pictures and for the general design of Celafaremoitalia we used Photoshop.

Challenges we ran into

We had trouble collecting all the data because at the beginning we didn’t have a suitable instrument for our purpose. We had to write a program which would have developed into two main functions: the first one had to gather information, the second one had to reunite, and compress them into one file read by Wordpress. Another challenge was being able to create a “friendly” graphic style and a simple navigation. For this reason we had to pursue on Colour and Brand study which would evoke the feelings of one clear message: we will make it, Italy! In the end, for the news, we have looked for the most reliable sources and volunteer collaborators who would have helped us to write and spread them out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A thing that we're really proud of is our interactive Italian map representation, because it makes our website more user friendly. When we've seen data, through Google Analytics, we've been surprised. We think that thanks to his usability Celafaremoitalia has managed to reach thousands of people around the country and overseas. In the end, we have a logo and everyone likes it.

What we learned

We have learned that cooperation is essential for a successful group project, particularly during a quarantine period, where smart working is the only way to be together. While making video conferences using the Zoom platform, we’ve fully understood that great values such as friendship, commitment, and respect between people is even possible through the screen lights.

What's next for CelafaremoItalia

Our next goal is to move on the phase 2 of the project:

  • Working on the development of new strategies to monitor fake news.
  • Hire a volunteers permanent team for the News.
  • Create the multilingual version of the website.
  • Optimize the platform and make it faster for mobile devices.
  • Find further resources to improve CelafaremoItalia in order to open a Blog Community, a place where people can directly share experiences and information during and after virus life.

What we worked on during this weekend

We worked on building up the website as well as fixing some bugs. We are going to introduce the verified news section, where users can find exclusive updates provided by secure and reliable sources.

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