Blockchain has the power to change the world. Unfortunately, it is not just changing the world in positive ways. Today, blockchain mining around the world consumes enough energy to power Denmark. We want to apply cosmos team's mindset, to modulize blockchain and simplify the complexity to make "making cryptocurrency environmentally friendly" easy. And to also allow users to give back with every transaction.

What we built

  • Celadon - a lotionjs transaction middleware, which allows users to donate a small percentage of their transaction to the non-profit organization of their choose.
  • Fungus - a package to ease interactions with Lambocoin like web3 for Ethereum
  • Acre - an explorer for Celadon such as Etherscan for Ethereum.
  • Lambocoin - a simple cryptocurrency built with lotionJS(for demo purpose), with Celadon plugged in.
  • Sapling - a 3D drawing package based on threeJS, to make generating trees in the browser easy and fun


  • Frontend - Acre(Explorer) + Sapling(Tree)
  • WebSDK - Fungus like web3
  • Coin - Lambocoin
    • Lotion.js
    • Middleware - Celadon
  • Tendermint

Challenges I ran into

  • spent whole dealt with coins middleware

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • modularize every repo and made them open source ready with good docs and extendable API design
  • built repo with the mindset of 'plug and play'
  • built a cryptocurrency from scratch on top of lotionJS in one day
  • make donation target and donation amount customizable

What I learned

  • tendermint is powerful as it promises
  • lotionJs is easy to use but is still in its early stage

What's next for Celadon by Reforest Team

  • we can contribute to the cosmos community
  • polish all of four packages
  • seek for dev to use the middleware
  • seek for non-profit orgs to join our special_wallet list

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