What it does

The project facilitates the process of redirecting the 2% from the income tax of a person from the state budget towards a worthy NGO. In order to make things easier for the persons which are willing to redirect the 2%, the project provides a user-friendly form to submit its personal information and also a list of NGOs from which to choose the domain they want to help out. After this, a ready-to-sign PDF will be generated and all you have to do is to print it, sign it and send it away to your local financial administration (Don’t worry, will tell you which one and where to find it)

What it can do next

Self-registring NGOs Support for companies to run internal CSR campaigns Reminders for the users to fill the form yearly Automatic integration with the online tool from the local government

Built With

  • aws-lambda
  • aws-rds
  • aws-s3-secure-storage
  • boto3(aws-python-sdk)
  • lambda
  • materialize-css
  • pdftk
  • pdftk-library-for-manipulating-pdfs)-aws-s3-(only-temporary-storage-of-generated-documents-secure-&-signed
  • python
  • reponsive-layout
  • serverless
  • sketch
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