Crypto and blockchain are booming and are becoming more and more mainstream, and since the last year life has been very difficult for artists to portray their Art in Art galleries and sell them. We as a team saw this as an opportunity to introduce artists to the crypto space and bridge the gap between them by enabling them to sell their digital collections on the ripple network.

What it does

  1. Artist can sign up on our platform and upload their digital art and create an NFT for the art on the ripple ledger
  2. Anyone on the platform can buy artist's art (NFT) using XRP as a mode of transaction
  3. By buying the NFT the ownership of the digital collectible will transfer to the buyer from the seller

In a nutshell, a marketplace for the artist to sell their digital collectibles on the blockchain without paying a huge amount of gas fee to initiate their NFT's.

How we built it

  1. From making NFT, Transactions and Changing of Ownership all are developed using Ripple.
  2. Database is made using CockroachDB
  3. Frontend are using HTML, CSS, and Javascript

Challenges we ran into

No one in our team has experience in working on the blockchain ledger. In fact, most of our team members barely knew anything about cryptocurrencies and blockchains. We took on this project knowing full on that we will have to do a lot of work (and suffer), and we are proud that we were able to build this project. Most of the work that we had to do involved understanding the RippleX API, and implementing an interface that utilizes it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Creating an interface that creates NFT's and makes transactions with them on Ripple using XRP.
  2. Connecting the CocokroachDB database to our code.

What we learned

A lot about digital collectibles, NFT, and the RippleX API.

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