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Inspiration: Scope of conservation of water and optimum usage of natural resources that are over exploited in the present day agricultural practices. There is smarter alternative to cater to the increasing food demand of the ever growing population without jeopardizing the natural resources. By implementation of IoT to monitor and control the plant vitals without human intervention, we see a more efficient and environment friendly agri-business in future.

What it does: Measures the various plant vitals such as the environmental temperature, soil humidity, exposure to sunlight to optimize the factors to keep a steady or more efficient plant yield.

How I built it: We used various IoT enablers like Arduino Uno, Raspberry Pi in integration with temperature and humidity sensors and light sensors.

Challenges I ran into: Integrating multiple sensors and synchronizing the use of multiple microcontrollers.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Multiple sensor integration, accomodating image processing, creating plants of tomorrow

What I learned: Learned how to create complex electronic circuits involving multiple microcontroller kits with varied platforms and troubleshooting dynamic errors.

What's next for CD- Autonomous Plant Nurturing System: Enhancing cost effective IoT implementation of plant nurturing and monitoring system over large scale farms and agricultural lands to meet increasing food demands in an environment friendly way.

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