Elizabeth didn't even know that the "First Friday" event existed, and we realized that there wasn't a platform for students to find or show off non-academic events that aren't sponsored by the school.

What it does

The site accepts event submissions via a simple form that asks for an organization name, event name, date, time, location, and category. This data is stored in a sql table and then displayed on pages for each category

How we built it

We first thought about what the website needed to include to completely satisfy anyone in the BCS area that might want to use it. We decided what basic functions we wanted it to be able to complete and then narrowed those down to the functions we figured we could demo this morning. We simultaneously got to working on the basic architecture of the website, setting up some sort of form submission system (harder than we thought), and making the UI look nice. We input some sample events to see what the architecture would like and then shifted focus to writing our form in PHP. After the form was written, we learned how to set up MySQL on a localhost and attached it to the website. Overnight, we ran user testing and in the last hour, we worked on responsiveness and accessibility.

Challenges we ran into

None of us knew how to use PHP or MySQL. None of the mentors seemed to really know either. Mohammed saved our lives, so big thanks to Mohammed.

It was Elizabeth's first time using HTML/CSS at all!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got the form to submit on JP's computer. It doesn't work outside of it because we didn't pay for hosting, but it still feels like a huge accomplishment!

We also got awesome feedback from the user testing. A lot of the people we talked to said that they would totally be using it in the future. It was awesome to hear so many friends and family excited about using something we made in a day.

What we learned

We collectively learned HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL.

We learned how to work with GitHub, and how to use it to work on a coding team.

What's next for CCStat

We want to add the ability to have A&M students sign in wiht their A&M account and once they do that, they should be able to add the event to the google calendar. We would need to find a hosting solution and then we could actually let people use the website. We all want to move forward with the project because it's something we think Aggieland could really use!

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