There is a trust problem in ccn transactions in the market. Some people defraud others of usdt or ccn through fake transactions. So guaranteed transactions will become very necessary.

What it does

The ccn secure exchange service is an application developed based on the oort platform, which calls the CCN wallet application interface to complete a secured transaction process.

How we built it

Developed the relevant programs of the guarantee process, completed some automatic functions by calling the interface of ccn and tron wallet, provided the page display function, and basically realized the guarantee transaction of ccn.

Challenges we ran into

The guarantee function is relatively simple, and no challenges have been encountered. The main problem is the security of the private key of the platform account, which was later solved by storing it on an internal server.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

After the website is launched, the transaction of CCN tokens becomes safe and reliable, reducing the risk of being cheated by CCN holders. In the end, it was well received by many people.

What we learned

Understand the relevant interface functions of the ccn wallet, and also fully experience the low handling fee, high efficiency, and high reliability of the ale wallet

What's next for CCNSWAP-CCN Secure Exchange

Continue to operate and maintain to protect ccn users.

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