Gambling has always had a negative connotation and outlook to it. We wanted to change that while keeping gambling fun for people. What if when you lost at the casino, a charity of your choice won?

What it does

We aimed to create an online casino using the Dao Casino platform that sends the losses from players to a charity. We ensure this through a smart contract that is on a blockchain and thus ensures transparency and validity that the funds get sent to the charity.

How we built it


We created a virtual reality slots game using PlayCanvas, an HTML/JS graphics engine that is served to the user. The platform is very accesible, and means the game can be run on phones, computers, and can even be used with VR headsets.

We utilized the PlayCanvas editor, for easy editing of the scene and graphics/menus. We utilized an open source solution:

to allow the use of the npm package manager to use the Dao-Casino SDK for development. By combining both, we got the advantage of easy graphical development, and the power to use npm to manage packages and write maintainable code.

Below is a link to the Dao Casino API used in our code:


For development purposes, and to match the DAO Casino platfrom, our backend was run on a Node Docker container.

The main change is a new solidity contract that enables payouts to the player, the bankroller (i.e. casino owner), and a charity.

Adding the third party of a charity into the mix is what would make automatic charitable giving through the Dao Casino platform possible. We hope Dao Casino considers the posibility of officialy adding such an option into their SDK in the future!

Challenges we ran into

We had trouble linking our front end and back end due to PlayCanvas not integrating well with the Dao Casino platform. NPM was not supported by default, and third party workarounds were not viable in time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to build a viable working product though none of us had major prior experience with solidity.

Proud to be some of the youngest competitors among the teams here

What's next for Gaming for Good

To further build and improve our existing code, fixing bugs, link up the front and back end. The concept itself of donating gambling proceeds to charity has huge potential!

Other Work

In addition to the project, we worked on identifying problem areas and making suggestions to the Dao Casino team for future development.

Business Model

Licensing construct and additional business model can be found at the "businessModel.txt" file on our GitHub, which will update as we progress.

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