Black Lives Matter chapters in the country have been working on ways to make police accountability more accessible. We wanted to also provide a resource for undocumented immigrants related to ICE and other immigration officials.

What it does

CCC Watch provides a hub of mapping resources for police accountability and personal safety. It lists a person's rights when dealing with the police. The main functionality comes from the three maps. We have a resource map that integrates Google Maps to help inform people of law and harm reduction organizations in the area. We have an Incident Map that uses an Ushahidi deployment to allow users to dynamically map and report incidents as well as include a right-up, images, and video describing it. Finally, the story map allows users to create a crowdsourced oral history of Baltimore, similar to the Ushahidi deployment, but more general in scope for any stories users want to tell.

How we built it

We used SquareSpace and HTML5+CSS to get a site off the ground. Sourcing various copwatch orgs, we created a page of rights relating to arrests. Then, using GIS and GoogleMaps, we used JavaScript to create the resource map. Ushahidi provided a platform for us to create a crowdsourced map deployment. Finally the story map is similar in function to the Ushahidi deployment, using StoryMapJS.

Challenges we ran into

GIS broke a lot. Initially this project started as an app, but Android Studio was a disaster (we also had no prior experience with app building)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The visual design of the website and our Google Maps integration! The site is also intentionally bare bones, so that it can be easily accessed even when internet is limited.

What we learned

Probably don't set out to create an app when neither of you has experience, the program keeps crashing, and you only have 24 hours.

What's next for CCC Watch

Expand the Ushahidi deployment. Embed all the maps into the site so that every component is centralized. Maybe actually develop the app. Work out registration/privacy features. Auto moderation.

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