Ethereum Mainnet today is slow and costly today compared to the same network a year ago due to unprecedented growth. While long-term scaling solutions are in the works, many orgs/projects would like to launch tokens that have real utility value rather than only speculative trading value as is the case today.

What it does

The hack has two smart contracts and a bridge between networks. On the left side, there is a crowdsale contract, on the right side there is a token contract. With our hackup, new startups and numerous enterprises will be able to collect funds on Ethereum Mainnet and launch new tokens on alternative Ethereum based networks with faster consensus and lower costs for use in DApps.

How I built it

We applied a ton of electrical tape between several open source projects into a 1/3-ish functional hackup. JS/Web3/sol - shout out to the SV Eth meetup Rust/sol

Built With

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