As two seasoned community college students, we understand the difficulties of registering for correct coursework in spite of short term goals to transfer quickly. We wanted to make a resource so that other dedicated students, willing to make the commute, would have the knowledge in hand to obtain prerequisite courses and stay on track to successfully continue their education.

What it does

It is a tool used for students and teachers to compare and see similar classes that are offered at different campuses two at a time.

How we built it

We implemented Python, HTML, JavaScript, Django, and CSS. We also used a scraper to receive information from a website.

Challenges we ran into

Initially it was difficult to obtain scheduling information from junior colleges, we feared having to do 'scraping', but fortunately we utilized an api to circumvent this problem. We nearly gave up, but decided to scale down and focus on simpler goals in mind until things got rolling. Later we had problems integrating a drop down menu to dynamically change the JSON file we fetched, but through python flask we used tools to address this issue after determining django would not fit our needs. There were problems with even establishing an environment in python because of the IDE we utilized and even more problems with the terminals. It was very rewarding the entire way, we picked up on tons of new technologies every single step.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have learned so many technologies and implementing them in so short of time. It was very discouraging at first, we feared turning towards easier projects because it was so intimidating, but with the help of cruz hacks volunteers and mentors we were able to create something we were very satisfied with.

What we learned

That we should never give up and that there are many people just like us struggling. Everyone starts somewhere and nothing is quite impossible.

What's next for ccArticulation

To continue helping others by making their lives easier. We plan on adding many more features to help this site reach its potential.

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