The inspiration for our project came as the result of meetings with workers at American Airlines as well as extensive research on the customers' jobs, pains, and gains. We found that many customers' greatest concern and pain around airlines was their health and safety concerns with regards to COVID19. We decided to search for a way to reduce this concern and help them feel more secure in their travel decisions.

What it does

Our application increases customer retention through visualizing exact risk calculations per itinerary.

How we built it

Our code primarily consists of C#, HTML, javascript, and CSS. Our data is dynamically pulled from a cumulative database of regularly updated information regarding the disease.

Challenges we ran into

Settling on the idea we wanted to execute was an issue. Meeting with the American Airline employees led us to realize that many of our ideas needed to be viable in business context and not just in a vaccum.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Turning the button purple. Joking aside, access and querying API data was a first for many of us and a source of pride that we were able to implement it successfully.

What we learned

As a team, we were able to significantly improve our experience in the C# language as well as front-end and UI development skills.

What's next for CCAC Project

If given more time, we would like to expand our project to more diseseases than just COVID19. Additionally, if we had more processing power we could further improve our algorithm for assessing risk. And, as always, improvements to the UI would also be desired.

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