We believe that the only way to ensure people understand the importance of an issue is through the use of a shock factor. Shocks also tend to be the most assertive when it is presented visually. Thus, we decided to tell stories using GIFs!

What it does

By sending a picture through our app, it creates a vivid graphical display of how the landscape would be affected due to global warming. This allows people to share this gif in social media platforms to garner support for petitions, using DocuSign API.

How we built it

We used mainly Python(Flask) as our backend, Flutter as our mobile app frontend, and Google Cloud Storage as our bucket to store images and gifs. We also generated a link for users to share their petitions.

Challenges we ran into

Deployment was a major problem as Google Cloud had compatibility issues with the web app that we were serving. Furthermore, Flutter was completely new territory for us. Image processing was much harder than it seemed, so much so that we had to use a simpler solution for that.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Managing three different tech stack on our own. That probably gave us the most amount of experience and knowledge.

What we learned

Building a Flutter app, a Django backend and also understanding of colour segmentation methods in image processing.

What's next for CC50

Scalability and better integration with social media platforms.

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