TODAQ Challenge A

The issue

In the developing world as well as in the developed, patients rely on paper prescriptions in order to verify their access to certain drugs. These paper prescriptions are easily damaged and provide the patients no information about where their drugs came from, or how they were handled.

The solution

With the TODA API, we are able to verify the transactions any prescription has underwent. This means that patients can check where and when their drugs were made/transferred. It also allows doctors and pharmacies to check that the patient owns the rights to that prescription, as well as adding information about the patient onto this.

Further issues we will face

Using the TODA API, any user can create, modify and send prescriptions. This issue will need to be addressed by the pharmacy when the drugs are to be given to the patient. The pharmacy will be able to check using the records for the prescription file whether it has been modified, and that it was only created and modified by a doctor.

We also need to consider privacy, and how users should store their user key. This information in the wrong hands would allow other users to create prescriptions for the user.

Furthermore, we have no implementation to remove prescriptions after they have been filed. Pharmacies will therefore need an interface to be able to modify a prescription to mark it as received by the patient.

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