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Today most of thing can be done by alexa echo. From talk with users of alexa may not satisfy something that is like _ songs_ and not camera on alexa. In this project we have more different topics to improve alexa skills as well as more focus on echo look.

1.Alexa doesn't have huge collection of songs

Most of user complain about alexa songs library. There is no some song to play. Therefore in this problem i suggest to use youtube API when alexa didn't know or some confusion like not whole match. I know that alexa is product of amazon therefore that uses amazon music. But for user Satisfaction echo has to use youtube when user song request not complete with amazon music. github


Alexa echo doesn't have camera therefore that can not give privacy for users that works/use on same alexa. Therefore in echo look we have to use face detection that use to switch user accounts automatically on uber,amazon etc. That's done by opencv or anything else that detects face and switch account and personal info.


Sometimes alexa works as pat or the member of family. Therefore alexa have to sense to talk with people,wish good morning and good night,wish for fastival or birthday.That also can done by using face detection using echo look.github

4.push notification

Alexa doesn't give push notification of social use account. we have to use opencv for detect face than give user to notification for new mails,twits,fb etc.That can be done by API's.github


In amazon echo look camera that can give notification for some other person that entered in house when no one is in house than echo have to capture that moment and send to owner cell(android/ios) for notify.github


Above all of that are used to create comfort life but security and Warnings that can save big losses.In warniings echo gives warning of earthquakes,tsunami and other natural things as well as terrorist terror in that area.This can be done by broadcasting of warning news APIs like eathquake_api and other that can use to save life whose those don't know about thatgithub


Today voice hardware bots like alexa that mostly used by kids because 1 to 10 year old kids are take enjoy and learn from it to do something.Alexa have to some other tone speech for talk with kids that also done by using camera for face detection of child.This makes alexa as KIDS BEST FRIEND. So we have improve features like this to make friend of kids ->Change speech tone that like kids ->We have to use youtube for playing poems,stories and jokes for kids ->We have to improve alexa to answer kids and talk with kids that also improve alexa as well as kids.github

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