Eligible Prizes

  • Most Socially Useful Hack


Imagine being invited to a warm home cooked dinner that would not cost a kidney. Interacting with the host, and enjoying the company of others while the smell of roasted turkey wafts out of the oven. This event we experienced while in Israel lingers on even after we have returned home, and we wish to bring such social experiences to our local citizens.

What it does

MakanJio is a website that allows a group of people to enjoy a home cooked meal together with their host chef.

How we built it

Using React.js, we built a webpage that allows users to find hosts willing to invite them over for a meal. Our website features a minimalistic design that seamlessly integrates the discovery experience of finding a unique dining option with easy planning for the meal.

Challenges we ran into

We did not know how to pull json data between the front end and the back end. Incidentally, three of us didn't even know deeply the framework that we would be using. This was also a journey of enlightenment into flask for us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building this website. It was a challenge to get the code up and running throughout the night, and two of our team members even played the forgo sleep trap card to finish the project by morning. David is proud that he didn't flip out at python3 as often as he did javascript.

What we learned

Passion for good food and making friends goes a long way. We learn to treasure that "oh snap, I hope this works" moment as we present to the judges.

What's next for CB - MakanJio

  1. Launch of working website for Singapore, starting with NUS as the go-to-market strategy. We will promote our platform for aspiring student-chefs to meet new friends while mastering their cooking craft.

  2. Input gamification and social functionality into the website to allow more social involvement.

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